Welcome to my page! I am Marja Hannele Matikainen, 46 years old well-being coach and wordartist. My personal experience with mental breakdown and recovery gave me the wisdom that I could have never learned through school or books. The experience taught me the value of genuine compassion and listening. As a result of my breakdown, I was able to discover my true self and life mission. Also, the experience strengthened me and helped me to see the world from a larger and deeper perspective.

In my professional career, I am a nurse, mental health advocate, energy healer, physical personal trainer, swimming teacher, and yoga teacher. Being a highly sensitive person, I sense and feel strongly and deeply. I am good at sensing situations and seeing deeper than the surface.  I have the ability to recognize the root cause behind symptoms. Also, I have a lot of personal experience with many mental health symptoms/disorders. Nowadays, I use all my experience as knowledge to help others. I use a trauma-sensitive approach to look at different symptoms. The symptoms are always consequences of “something sick”. Therefore, I see symptoms from a healthy perspective. To reduce the symptoms it is important to understand the cause behind them. Other people’s unresolved trauma and emotional burdens have a huge impact on one’s individual wellbeing. Children are vulnerable taking their parents’ unresolved issues on their shoulders. Therefore, children often react to their parent’s problems. When a child has mental health problems in the family, parents must get professional help as well. 

Being a highly sensitive person, I have always reacted strongly to my surroundings. I suck feelings from others and information from places. Therefore, my life is often extremely hard, but also very meaningful. “Life is like a book that you can read and feel”. Together with the trauma perspective and the high-sensitivity approach have helped me to understand mental health symptoms/disorders in a different light.

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